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What we do

More than 25 years of experience

Lealforce was established through the collaboration of various partners within our business group, combining the leadership of the former CEO DINES with global partners. Our focus is on speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in providing military, police, and tactical products. 

We welcome you to Lealforce. We are also present in the United States through our Florida corporation and in Spain in collaboration with A-GLOSS Tactical, offering a global service and collaboration.

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Our clients

who we work with

Military and Police Personnel

High-quality tactical gear tailored for rigorous demands.

Government Institutions

Advanced tactical solutions enhancing operational capabilities.

Private Security

Comprehensive equipment ensuring high security standards.

Civilians and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Reliable gear for personal defense, training, and outdoor activities.
our mission

security & defense

We can support your needs

At Lealforce, our mission is to provide unparalleled security and defense solutions. We are dedicated to supporting law enforcement, military, special forces, and security companies with the highest quality tactical gear.

Our commitment is to enhance operational capabilities and ensure the safety of those who serve to protect.

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