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AMUPEF will arrive to Santa Cruz

Gustavo Dines, the president of AMUPEF Mutual, announced that they will establish a presence in our province between March and April. Their primary focus will be on education, offering training courses and employment guidance across all sectors.

The end of the year brings good news. There will be a new job opportunity. In 2020, the Mutual Association of Personnel of the Armed Forces and Security (AMUPEF) will open its first branch in Patagonia. Gustavo Dines, the president, visited Río Gallegos and provided details about what will happen in March and April. In addition to visiting the facilities of the La Opinión Austral Group, he spoke on Radio LU12 AM680, on the program In the Spotlight: In 60 to 90 days, we will be setting up. This way, we will establish the first branch in Santa Cruz.

Dines emphasized that for over 22 years, he has been visiting the area as a representative of the armed forces and security units. They have successfully established the first association that unifies all these entities in one place. The INAES, the governing body for mutual associations in the country, has extended our reach to provide services and benefits to the entire society.

During his visit to our city, he was received by Mayor Pablo Grasso. For Dines, the main focus of the Association “is education. These are training courses and job orientation in all areas, both for all the forces and all the unions. They will be able to register through the municipality at the delegation we will inaugurate.”

Many Services and Benefits of its Members

He also stated: “We also have other services: legal, technical, and accounting advice, and above all, one that is beneficial in products and services on behalf of third parties.”

The job offer generates enthusiasm, as well as the expectation of its arrival. “All of this extends to the rest of society. We will make a call so that the products and services we provide in this province are by professionals and businesses, giving priority to what is local.”

The Association has delegations in other parts of the country, while the central office is in Buenos Aires. “For some time, we have been asked to bring this service to Río Gallegos, so this was the chosen moment.”

Since 1998, they have been making annual visits to various cities in the country. “We have enabled citizens to equip themselves, for example, with quality and value endorsed by national entities,” added Dines.

The idea is to capitalize on all local professionals to bring those courses and training that we do not have in Santa Cruz. Therefore, we will give priority to local work.

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